Owl Barn, Sutch Lane, Lathom, West Lancs. L40 4BU


Hawksrus LTD


A one hour session (approx 30 children) with around 8 different species of Owls, including at least 4 indigenous Birds. We perform a talk, let the children handle them and we even fly some Owls where possible.


(travelling costs may apply. Owl Pellets can be supplied for an extra £30 subject to availability)

Covering Y2 SATs, Nocturnal Animals, British Values, Owl Babies?

Birds of Prey From Around The World.

A one hour session introducing a selection of around 9 different species of Birds of Prey including Hawks, Falcons, Owls and even our magnificent Eagle!!

Some Birds can be flown where possible. £200 (travelling costs may apply)


Static Birds of Prey Display.

A full day static (no flying) display of around 9 Birds of Prey with safety fencing and gazebo (outdoors)

Great for summer fetes or fund raising events. £350 (travelling costs may apply)

Flying Displays.

A full day of static display with around 9 Birds of Prey, featuring a 25 minute flying display (outdoors) of Hawks, Owls and Falcons. The Birds will behind safety fencing and a gazebo. 2 Falconers on site.

Again great for summer fetes or fund raisng events. £450 (travelling costs may apply)

Discounts on Nocturnal talks and the Birds of Prey from around the world for half day (2 talks) and Full day (4 talks) Price on application.

Bespoke packages are available on request, give Gareth a call 07531669894 with you requirements.

Wild Owl Pellets

 We can supply Wild Barn Owl Pellets to accompany the talks!! Soak them in warm water then get stuck in to reveal the skulls and bones of what our Wild Owls are eating! Find Bird skulls, voles, mice, shrews etc!! Very interesting and hands on. We can supply 15 Owl Pellets so the class can really get involved. Great for a lesson after the Owls visit?? £30 (for 15 pellets, subject to availability)

CRB Checked